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MAY-JUN 2018

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36 Utility Contractor | May/June 2018 F or more than a decade, Oxford Plastics has been providing solutions to the recurring problems inherent within the underground utility construction industry, namely slow and expensive trench cover installations, health and safety liability, and several other issues regarding steel plates. And then there's the compliance issues with city, state and federal authorities that should be adhered to. Beyond safety issues, not being in compliance can add considerable cost to a contractor. To address these issues, Oxford Plastics has developed the Oxford LowPro 23- 05 Composite Road Plate, which was a finalist in the NASTT Innovation Award this spring. It's understandable as to why Oxford Plastics was a qualifier for this distinction. Oxford Plastics has been collaborating with the utilities and utility contractors for years. One contractor using the product is Joseph L. Balkan Sewer & Water Main Specialists, based in New York City. David Balkan, CEO, says that the product has helped the company in many ways. Recently, it helped the company stay in compliance and avoid a $1,200 fine. Balkan received notice from New York City Department of Transportation one rainy late Sunday evening, regarding a 28-in. deep washout at the edge of a roadway where Balkan had worked. If they didn't respond within three hours, there would be a $1,200 fine. Balkan recalls, "There was virtually no time to fill the hole, tamp, and blacktop with specialized equipment, within three hours. However, one employee, picking up the Oxford trench cover, placing it in his vehicle, delivering it and putting it in place, took under an hour. The site was safe, there was no summons issued, and no more sinking through the very heavy rains overnight. Win, win, win." Balkan was seeking an alternative to steel plates, frustrated with the handling and placing dangers. Balkan was averaging one to two injuries a year related to their use. A public utility recommended the Oxford alternatives. "Safety was the No. 1 reason for using Oxford covers, and now every one of our crews use them every single day," FINDING A BETTER WAY Oxford Plastics Offers Versatile Trench Cover Solutions With the most recent availability of Easilift, a set of two lifting handles that lock into the LowPro 23-05, installation of the 23-05 is easier and more ergonomic

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