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MAR-APR 2018

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Utility Contractor 27 drills is the new Subsite Electronics Commander 7 HDD guidance display. Using the Scout- View software app, operators can upload a bore plan to the Commander 7 display so they can monitor the bore live, log bore data, and display real-time bore information, such as approaching an obstacle. How is Ditch Witch involved with NUCA? What are the benefits? The Ditch Witch organization has been involved with NUCA for many years, and various staff have served on multiple committees throughout the years, including the HDD com- mittee from 2011 to present and Vice Chair of the NUCA Convention from 2014 – 2015. In addition, Ditch Witch is a Bronze Sponsor and a convention attendee since 2009 to present. to sit in a virtual operator station and using real joystick control technology to operate the equipment. In addition, growing environmental con- cerns and federal regulations are impacting the HDD market. Some regulations require drilling mud to be cleaned and disposed of properly, but extracting and disposing of drilling mud is a time-consuming and costly task for many contractors. Costs quickly add up if enough water is not avail- able on-site. Advanced technology and fluid recycling systems allow contractors to recycle HDD fluid, such as the Ditch Witch MR90. This unit removes large cuttings, rocks, sand and fine particles, allowing the cleaned fluids to be reused throughout the drilling process. For utility contractors, water and sewer installations are a big part of their business. How much do water and sewer installations impact the HDD market? In many ways, the water and sewer mar- kets are no different than other markets when it comes to the need to utilize HDD methods. Areas of environmental concerns, limited access or just roadway crossings, HDD is a preferred method to combat these changing conditions. What innovations are impacting the HDD market? What areas are emerging? As contractors continue to focus on in- creasing efficiency and productivity, new technologies are available that improve awareness of the bore path and activity with the directional drill. The Ditch Witch AT40 directional drill offers an optimized opera- tor interface, which includes two 7-in. LED screens for better visibility into all machine functions, diagnostics and bore tracking information. Integrated into the new AT40

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