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NOV-DEC 2018

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NUCA's Government Relations team maintains a constant presence on Capitol Hill, meeting regularly with lawmakers, committees, and their staff. N UCA's Government Relations (GR) team works to deliver results that will benefit your bottom line. Whether it is securing funding for infrastructure programs that are critical to our industry, or work- ing to roll back burdensome regulations, we are tuned in to federal issues that impact your day-to-day operations. After working for several years for former Congressman Charlie Dent, I am excited to be leading NUCA's GR program. I believe that my experience working on Capitol Hill and contacts with key Members of Congress will be an asset to NUCA's advocacy program. With this Inside Washington, I'd like to review how we are working to serve you and how you can get involved. Our advocacy efforts cover the broad array of issues affecting NUCA members, including infrastructure investment, work- force development, healthcare, environmental and safety regu- lations, and tax policy. While we consistently lobby for NUCA's long-term priorities, we welcome hearing from members about new or different issues they would like us to tackle. NUCA constantly monitors and tracks legislative and regula- tory activity moving in Washington. When opportunities are identified, we move into action to advance your interests. To that end, our team engages lawmakers through meetings and other communication. Our Presence Is Critical to Our Mission By maintaining a constant presence on Capitol Hill and meeting regularly with lawmakers, committees, and their staff, our GR team is growing NUCA's name recognition and ensur- ing lawmakers understand our issues and the positive impact our work has in their communities. We also regularly send let- ters to Members of Congress regarding our positions on issues to ensure that we reach every member on the Hill. By educat- ing and building relationships with Members of Congress, they will be more likely to seek us out as a trusted resource when our issues are under consideration. To maximize our impact, we also work as part of advoca- cy coalitions for specific issues. NUCA leads the Clean Water Council, which includes organizations representing contrac- tors, manufacturers, suppliers, and other industry leaders committed to ensuring a high quality of life through sound environmental infrastructure. We also work with a number of coalitions to advance our priorities. These coalitions work to establish a long-term funding solution for the Highway Trust Fund, streamline the permitting process for pipeline construc- tion, watch and respond to proposed EPA, DOL, and OSHA regulations, and ensure our industry is fairly represented under the Gold Shovel Standard. INSIDE WASHINGTON How NUCA Government Relations Serves You Why Member Involvement Is Critical to Effective Advocacy 68 Utility Contractor | November/December 2018

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