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NOV-DEC 2018

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28 Utility Contractor | November/December 2018 Trimble Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform Trimble Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform is a 2D grade control solution for compact machine grading attachments. Trimble Earthworks GO! enables high-accuracy grading in an easy-to-use, portable platform. It is the only Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) compact machine control solution available today that runs on Android or iOS smartphones. Trimble Earthworks GO! can be used by contractors involved in general construction, site preparation and utility work for grading flat and simple slopes. The system leverages laser technology to provide dynamic, real-time position information that allows the operator to grade or cut profiles quickly and accurately. The platform requires little training time and can increase an operator's productivity up to 20 percent. At the core of the system is the Earthworks GO! software that guides the user through installation, setup and operating modes. The software was specifically designed for local small site contractors and owner-operators, featuring unparalleled ease-of-use. Vactor HXX QX Vacuum Excavator The Vactor HXX QX vacuum excavator—the successor to the Vactor HXX vacuum excavator from Vactor Manufacturing—features improvements in payload capacity, weight distribution, operation and performance. The truck maximizes legal payload for customers and improves operational efficiency. The placement of the debris body and water tank on the chassis ensures equal distribution of the payload on the axles, regardless of how much water is in the tanks. Each component of the truck is placed to ensure the entire chassis gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is used. A new PrecisionFlow water pump system features a single-piston design which is capable of higher flow and pressures than a triplex water pump system for superior production and reliability. The truck is also equipped with a QuietPak sound-damping system featuring a Robuschi positive displacement blower rated for 6,176 CFM and 28-in. Hg. The system delivers higher airflow and quieter operation. Toro DD2226 Directional Drill Utility contractors can save time and streamline operations with the innovative Toro DD2226 directional drill. The DD2226 delivers 2,600 ft-lbs of rotational torque and 22,000 lbs of thrust and pullback for outstanding versatility, allowing the machine to pull back and turn larger reamers in tough ground conditions. Dual rear stabilizers provide additional stability in uneven terrain. For maximum convenience, the DD2226 is equipped with next-generation TDOS-1 Operating System software, featuring the groundbreaking new SmartTouch control mode. The SmartTouch feature streamlines pipe handling by allowing the operator to advance through the pipe handling process with a touch of a rocker switch on the joystick. It's designed to be easier for both new and experienced operators to learn. Using SmartTouch allows operators to reduce the pipe loading cycle times, thereby increasing overall productivity. In addition, the TDOS-1 Operating System provides a variety of new control options, with all drill information on one easy-to-read display screen.

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