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SEP-OCT 2018

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26 Utility Contractor | September/October 2018 M ini skid steers have long been viewed as landscap- ing equipment, traditionally utilized for small- scale, residential jobs. Today's mini skid steers, however, have evolved into powerful machines capable of tackling complex industrial utility jobs, while maintaining a compact size. Equipped with increased horsepower and an innovative line of new attachments, next-generation mini skid steers pack enough power to help municipalities and utility operators accomplish city projects typically suited for traditional skid steer units. This new breed of versatile, compact machines retains a key safety feature offered by earlier models: full vis- ibility on the jobsite. The increased power of mini skid steers has also given rise to a variety of new attachments designed specifically for the powerful machines. Rather than hauling multiple larger machines to a jobsite, operators can simply bring one mini skid steer outfitted with a range of attachments that can easily be used to suit the needs of most projects. Here are five attachments that have contributed to the versatility of mini skid steers, specifically for urban applica- tions: Microtrencher Attachment It's difficult to line up a cut in a road with a trencher, but microtrenchers help eliminate this problem. Equipped with a microtrencher attachment, a more maneuverable mini skid steer is the ideal solution for installing fiber-optic cable in tight and confined urban areas. A microtrencher attach- ment improves productivity, reduces fiber cost-per-foot and reduces ground disruption with a smaller diameter and less deep cut. Coring Attachment Rather than using jackhammers or backhoes for util- ity maintenance under roadways, mini skid steers can be equipped with a coring attachment that can more precisely excavate the utility that requires repair. This attachment A New Breed of Powerful, Compact Attachments for Utility Jobs Armed with new attachments, today's mini skid steers conquer industrial utility installation within urban environments By Chris Thompson The increased power of mini skid steers has given rise to a variety of new attachments designed specifically for the powerful machines.

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