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14 Utility Contractor | September/October 2018 GROUNDBREAKING NEWS It begins with a conversation among utility contractors locally. Perhaps a chance encounter between two contractors at a bid letting or neighborhood pub. "You know, we ought to have our own NUCA chapter here," one NUCA contractor exclaims to another, floating the idea to a friendly competitor for the first time. This often spurs the next step: a gathering of utility contractors to explore the benefits of a local NUCA chapter. This is where a few mutual contractor "headaches" come to light, such as fixing local regulations gone amok. Exchanges like this continue to give rise to a growing number of NUCA chapters across the country. This year, new groups are forming in North Dakota, Tennessee, Arizona, Maryland, and places in between, each of them born at the grassroots level. "We discovered our greater strength in numbers as contractors," recalls Aaron Faken of AE2S Construction, who participated in NUCA North Dakota's formative gathering earlier this year. "As an organized group, we're better equipped to tackle many goals we share, such as improving workforce development and other issues impacting our companies," adds Faken, who was elected the chapter's first president. Thanks to NUCA's Chapter-in-Development program, now in its tenth year, utility contractors have a helping hand to assist with their local group's chapter startup efforts. As local organizing groups get rolling, NUCA staff and members from neighboring states often help guide their efforts as mentors. Like any new group, it starts out small. But with each step in the development process, the group grows in numbers and expands its contractor base. Highlighted here in photos are recent gatherings from local startup groups focused on growing into full-fledge NUCA chapters. You're invited to come join them. New NUCA Chapters Sprouting Up Across USA Propelled by Grassroots Efforts to Fix Local "Headaches" In Nashville: Over lunch utility contractor and supplier reps discuss initial plans for NUCA Middle Tennessee Chapter. From left: Darren Cleary of Cleary Construction; Matt Mingus of Team Construction; John Anderson of United Rentals Trench Safety; Dave Brown of Stansell Electric; Craig Ingram of Tennessee 811; and Jeff Seal of Garney Construction. NUCA Director of Chapter Development Kenneth Sommer can connect you to new NUCA groups and chapters forming. Mr. Sommer is also available to discuss getting a new NUCA chapter started in your region or state. Contact him at 703-890-7805 or ken@ nuca.com. In North Dakota: NUCA members attend a Chapter meeting at RDO Equipment's Minot branch, where invited guest State Trooper Donald Neumann (far left) led a briefing on how to comply with new Electronic Logging Device rules. In Arkansas: Industry reps gather for "Projects Preview " forums in both Little Rock (bottom) and Springdale, hosted by NUCA Arkansas Chapter, to learn about utility jobs going out for bid. Interested in Championing New NUCA Chapters?

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